History of M4J

Model4Jesus started out as a fashion show ministry for women and teenage girls that used fashion as a tool to reach today's generation, demonstrating that a woman did not need to conform to the world's concept of beauty.  It allowed women to show off their feminine side without compromising themselves. In this way, their truly best assets could be seen by the world, the image and character of Jesus Christ and His calling on their lives.

Model4Jesus went as far a appearing on the Janice Dickenson Show in a segment entitled "Of Models and Morals" for our stance against the unrealistic demand for certain "types" of beauty and nudity in the fashion industry - because God is so much more than what you wear and there is a time and a place for everything.

After several years the ministry evolved making it possible to develop projects such as TruModel, Model4Jesus Workshops and Christian Fashion Week. 

Be a model, Don't just look like one. It is about learning to be yourself, and helping other women using the gifts and talents awarded to you by God.  





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